• Lilian the PM

SUPER COOL! Artillery 4th Art Festival!

Artillery is an annual art event in Russia held by our good friend Grafit Studio. Many famous artists were invited to give great speeches. Also there were many other art-related activities to boost inspiration like life drawing, sculpture lessons, etc.

Our CEO Leo went to the event this year and brought plenty of photos back, but the experience was unique (as well as the new friends he made) and we hope anyone who has become interested in this event could pay a visit by him/herself next year!

For more infomation: www.artillery-event.com

Apology for the botchy quality of these photos & videos. Hope you still enjoy them:)

Below are the delicated video of this year's Artillery Art Awards. You could subscribe Grafit's youtube channel to get the latest information of Artillery.

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photo of Leo & our beloved friend Viktor from Grafit :)